Listen to the echoes


Bells chiming deep underwater.


A roadtrip with a grandparent - on the night of their funeral.

A castle under siege, from troops without and demons of the mind within.

A ghost story here, a straight historical tale there... what all my stories have in common is an echo from elsewhere. It might be another world, more usually it is the past, or some inner voice. But there is something. I like edges and questions - they are where the most interesting ideas are found.

I love history and much of my fiction happens there. Not in the facts and dates and kings and leaders, but in the stories left behind. The lives recorded on gravestones, in the walls of old buildings, or in foot-worn stones.

Short stories and flash fiction pieces are currently wandering out on submission. You can read about those that found homes on the short stories page here. I've recently started writing super-short flash "postcards" which you can see a selection of here


The novels are works in progress. Currently, I'm lavishing tough love on one that is technically finished, but.... It's ok as is - a perfectly serviceable historical mystery - but I can see the bones of something so much better. It won't be leaving my hands until those promising bones have rich and juicy meat on them.

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